April 28, 2015

Administration of the MAT and Fees

The administration of the MAT is conducted by Controlled Testing Centers (CTCs) which are overseen and licensed by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. The CTCs operate independently. All candidates apply directly to one of these test centers. Each CTC is responsible for collecting applications, setting test schedules, collecting fees, and administering the test. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. ensures that all CTCs administer the test appropriately and in accordance with their regulations. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. is responsible for scoring the test and reporting the test scores.

Controlled Testing Centers are located in the United States, Canada, and in overseas countries. There are over 500 testing centers. The candidate can choose to take the MAT at any test center. After the candidate has decided where he or she wants to write the test, the CTC should be contacted directly. The CTC administrators will be able to give instructions on how to apply to take the test. They will also be able to supply information regarding fees. Each CTC may have its own special procedures.

CTCs operate independently and tests are scheduled independently. There is no national schedule. Individuals retaking the MAT should inform the CTC in question of this fact.

The fee for writing the MAT is paid to the Controlled Testing Center at which the test is to be written. The fee for writing the MAT is set by each individual CTC and this amount varies with the center. The CTC will inform the candidate of the cost of writing the test and how the fee is to be paid. The fee includes one Personal Score Report sent to the candidate and up to three official transcripts sent to schools designated by the candidate.

Additional services require additional fees. Any additional fees must be paid directly to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. by money order. Orders from outside the United States must be paid by international money order. Personal checks and cash will not be accepted. Applications containing checks or cash will not be processed. The following services are available at an extra fee: 1) testing at an alternate domestic site, $149.00; 2) testing at an alternate foreign site, $149.00; 3) obtaining a replacement Retest Admission Ticket, $25.00; 4) obtaining additional transcripts, $25.00/transcript; 5) verifying the test score, $35.00; and 6) taking the online practice test, $23.00. All fees are in US dollars.

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