April 29, 2015

Alternate Testing Locations

It may be difficult in some cases for the candidate to get to one of the official CTC sites. If the candidate lives more than 100 miles from an official CTC, alternate arrangements may be made. The candidate must write to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. directly to make this request. Assuming that the request for an alternate test site is approved by Harcourt Assessment, Inc., it is the responsibility of the candidate to find an appropriate location to write the test and to find a Special Proctor to oversee the administration of the MAT.

The Special Proctor must have specific qualifications. This person must have a master’s degree or doctorate. Further, this person must have experience giving standardized tests. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. must be contacted again in writing after the Special Proctor has been identified. The Alternate Testing Site Fee must be paid at this time. In the letter, the test writer must include the following information: name, address, daytime telephone number, SSN or SIN, the name and address of the Special Proctor, and the proposed test date. The test fee must be enclosed in the form of a money order payable to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Requests from outside the United States must be paid by international money order. In case of cancellation on the part of the candidate, this fee will not be refunded.

The Special Proctor must also contact Harcourt Assessment, Inc. in writing. This letter must contain the following: 1) agreement to proctor the test naming the candidate, 2) a statement outlining the Special Proctor’s qualifications, 3) the Special Proctor’s daytime telephone number and email address, 4) a fax number for the Special Proctor if available, and 5) the proposed test date.

The materials necessary to administer the test will be mailed to the Special Proctor only after the above conditions have been met. The Special Proctor must return all materials within a specified period of time. Additional fees for shipping and handling usually apply. These are paid through the Special Proctor. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will provide detailed instructions to those wishing to take the MAT at an alternate site.

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