April 29, 2015

Appealing Special Accommodations Decisions Regarding The Miller Analogies Test

If a candidate does not submit all the necessary documentation in an application for special accommodations, or if the documentation submitted does not adequately address the issue, additional documentation may be requested. This is also the case if the candidate should wish to change his or her request. For consideration, such information must be received by the CTC in question not less than 30 business days before the proposed test date.

The candidate’s request for special accommodations may be accepted as is, accepted with modifications, or refused. If the candidate’s request for special accommodations is modified or refused, the decision may be appealed. To appeal an unfavorable decision, the candidate must write to Harcourt Assessment, Inc.’s ADA Coordinator indicating his or her intention to appeal no more than 7 business days from the receipt of the original decision. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will arrange for the appeal which will involve the ADA Coordinator, legal council, and any experts considered necessary to assess the situation. The involved personnel will hear the appeal and make their decision within 12 business days from the receipt of the notice to appeal.

If a candidate is granted special accommodations for a particular test, and then decides to retake the test within a year, he or she will need to submit a new Accommodations Request Form. Resubmission of supporting documentation is not required in this situation.

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