April 29, 2015

Cancellation of Candidate MAT Scores by Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

Harcourt Assessment, Inc. is responsible for ensuring the integrity of its testing service. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. has the right to cancel any scores that it feels do not accurately reflect the performance of the candidates. All MAT scores and administrative procedures are reviewed by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Therefore, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. does not guarantee that all test results will be scored and reported. Cancellation of a candidate’s score does not imply that the candidate has cheated; invalidation of a score is a technicality. Although cancellation of scores may be inconvenient for the candidate, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. must reserve the right to take this action to protect the MAT’s integrity as a predictive instrument.

There are a number of reasons why a candidate’s score may be canceled. The candidate is notified of the score cancellation on the Personal Score Report. The reason for the score cancellation is disclosed only to the candidate. If a candidate’s score has been canceled, the candidate may apply to retake the MAT. All fees must be paid again for the retake examination. A request by any candidate to retake the MAT after score cancellation will be considered by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. The company’s decision will take into account the reason for the score cancellation.

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