April 29, 2015

Candidates with Disabilities Taking The Miller Analogies Test

Special accommodations are available for candidates with physical or mental disabilities as described under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Any individual meeting the requirements of this Act may request special accommodations to write the test. The test will then be administered in a non-standard way. If a candidate, for example, requires extra time to write the test this will be arranged. CTCs are generally able to accommodate candidates with special needs. The CTC in question should be informed of the candidate’s needs several weeks before the test is to be administered to allow arrangements to be made. There is no additional fee demanded for special accommodations for candidates with disabilities.

There is a procedure that must be followed when requesting special accommodations. The candidate should make arrangements with the CTC where he or she will be taking the test. There is a form that must be filled out when making a request for special accommodations. The completed Accommodations Request Form is to be handed in along with documentation in support of the request.

The following documents must be submitted in one package: 1) an Accommodations Request Form; and 2) a supporting letter printed on letterhead from a licensed physician, school teacher, school administrator, licensed psychologist, or other licensed professional qualified to diagnose disabilities. The supporting letter must include the licensed professional’s credentials, a description of the disability, a statement of how the disability would affect test taking, and a description of the accommodations required. Other official documentation regarding the disability may be included in the package.

The documentation is submitted to the CTC which forwards the documentation to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Once Harcourt Assessment, Inc. receives documentation of disabilities, they will then decide if the application has merit and informs the CTC of their decision. The CTC then notifies the candidate of the decision.

Special accommodations available to the candidate include the following: audio cassette tape examination, Braille examination, large print examination, additional breaks, additional time (time and a half, double time), reader, scribe/writer, sign language interpreter (American sign language, Cued Speech), separate testing room and accessible facilities. Additional accommodations may be available upon the candidate’s request.

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