April 29, 2015

Interpreting The Personal Score Report and MAT Scores

The candidate will be sent a Personal Score Report, a list of schools to which the official transcripts have been sent, a Transcript Request Form in case additional official transcripts should be necessary, and a Retest Admission Ticket after the test has been scored by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Although the Retest Admission Ticket is sent to all individuals who take the MAT, it is only required should the candidate wish to retake the test.

The scaled score is calculated based on the number of questions correctly answered. The scaled score ranges from 200 to 600. The rankings for percentile for intended major and percentile for total group range from 1 to 99. The scaled score and percentile ranks are based on the results obtained from tests taken by 126,000 candidates from 2001 through 2003. This group of candidates forms the norm group.

The Personal Score Report contains the following: the candidate’s personal information, the scaled score, the percentile for intended major, the percentile for total group, the names of the transcript recipients, the test date, and the number of times the test has been taken by the candidate.

The candidate’s percentile for intended major is calculated by comparing his or her earned scaled score to those obtained by individuals in the norm group with the same intended major. The percentile rank indicates the percentage of individuals in the norm group declaring the same major as the candidate who scored lower than the candidate. For example, a percentile rank of 78 indicates that the candidate scales scored was higher than that of 78% of individuals in the norm group with the same major.

The percentile for total group ranks the candidate’s score in relation to the scores of every individual in the norm group. For example, a candidate with a percentile for total group of 60 has a higher scaled score than 60% of individuals in the entire norm group.

On the date of the test, the candidate has the opportunity to choose up to three recipient schools to which an official transcript will be sent. These schools are listed on the Personal Score Report.

The date of the latest MAT taken and the number of times the test was taken is also listed on the Personal Score Report.

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