April 29, 2015

Materials and ID Needed To Write The Miller Analogies Test

Candidates must arrive at the test center fully prepared. Failure to be prepared may result in the candidate not being permitted to take the test. Candidates must adhere to the following written regulations: 1) the candidate must arrive at the test location on time as individuals who arrive after the test has started will not be admitted to the test room, 2) any candidate rewriting the MAT must bring his or her Retest Admission Ticket to the test, 3) candidates writing the paper-and pencil form of the MAT must bring a number of HB pencils (No. 2 pencils) with erasers to the test as the use of harder or softer pencils may affect scoring accuracy; ink pens are not permitted, 4) candidates must bring two types of identification (ID) to the test. Both primary and secondary forms of ID are required. Primary ID carries the individual’s photo and signature. A valid driver’s license, passport, or school ID card are examples of primary ID. Forms of secondary ID include a credit card, a library card, and a bill from a utility company. In the case of impersonation, which is a misrepresentation of identity, the candidate will be asked to leave the test room and his or her score will be canceled. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. may take legal action against individuals guilty of the crime.

If the candidate is rewriting the MAT, the name on the two pieces of ID must match the name on the Retest Admission Ticket. If the names do not match, the candidate will not be permitted to take the test.

The CTC reports cases of questionable ID to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. then makes a decision as to whether or not the score will stand.

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