April 29, 2015

Personal Score Reports and Official Transcripts

After the test has been scored, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will send each candidate a Personal Score Report, a list of the schools to which official transcripts have been sent, a Transcript Request Form for ordering extra transcripts should they be required, and a Retake Admission Ticket. The Retake Admission Ticket is sent to all candidates; it does not indicate that scores were poor and the test should be rewritten. The Retest Admission Ticket is only needed if the candidate wishes to rewrite the MAT. The ticket will be required for entrance to the examination.

The Personal Score Report is comprised of three separate scores: the scaled score, a percentile derived from the norm group based on the declared major, and a percentile based on the results of all candidates from the norm group.

The Personal Score Report is for the information of the candidate only and cannot be used in place of an official transcript. Official transcripts are not sent to candidates under any circumstances.

Candidates writing the computer-based format of the test are given a Preliminary Score Report after the test has been completed. The results given on the Preliminary Score Report are not official. They cannot be treated as official. All official reports are sent to the candidate and recipient schools directly from Harcourt Assessment, Inc. by mail.

The MAT has no official passing score. Schools, Institutions and other organizations set their own standards for acceptable scores. Acceptable scores vary from place to place. Different schools, institutes, and organizations also place different weight on the importance of MAT scores.

Official transcripts are mailed by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. to the specified recipients. Official transcripts list the following information related to the candidate: name, SSN or SIN, birthday, intended major, test date, scaled score, percentile score based on intended major, over-all percentile score, and the scores of any tests taken within the last five years. Scores of tests taken more than five years ago are not reported.

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