April 29, 2015

Problems With Test Center Administration

Occasionally, candidates have issues with the administration of the MAT by the Controlled Testing Center. Any problems or issues encountered by the candidate can be reported in writing to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Although the Controlled Testing Centers administer the MAT independently, they must run the test in accordance with standards set out by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Problems with the Controlled Testing Center at which the test was written, its Administrators, or Proctors can be addressed in this manner. The candidate should write to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. describing the problem in detail. Correspondence should include the date of the incident, a description of the incident of concern, and the names of those involved in the incident if known. The candidate should be sure to include his or her contact information in the letter so that Harcourt Assessment, Inc. administrators can follow-up if necessary. Any correspondence relating to a complaint about the administration of a test must be received by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. within 14 days of the test date. Any correspondence arriving later than this may not be addressed by the company. It will take up to three or fours weeks from receipt of the letter to receive a response from Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

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