April 29, 2015

Reasons For Score Cancellations I

A candidate’s MAT scores may be canceled by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. for a number of reasons. These reasons include the lack of a required Retake Admission Ticket, a form repetition violation, and group and individual testing irregularities.

If a candidate has taken the MAT previously and fails to submit the necessary Retest Admission Form to the Controlled Testing Center in question when he or she retakes the test, the MAT scores will be canceled. In this case, the test fee will not be refunded to the candidate.

Candidates not submitting the Retake Admission Form may inadvertently be given the same version of the test as he or she took previously. MAT scores will be canceled if the candidate takes the same version of the MAT within a 12 month period when Harcourt Assessment, Inc. becomes aware of the situation. The candidate will not be reimbursed for expenses involved in taking the test. If the scores have already been released to the candidate and the score recipients before the score repetition violation is discovered, the scores will be declared invalid. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will inform all parties of the invalidation.

Group or individual testing irregularities may occur during the administration of a particular test. Examples of these irregularities include the following: irregularities in the timing of the test, inappropriate candidate seating, computer failure during computer-based examinations, irregularities in test administration, candidate misconduct, falsification of identity, unlawful accessing of test contents by the candidate, giving or receiving assistance during the administration of the test, neglecting to sign the answer booklet, failing to follow instructions of authorized personnel during the test, possession of prohibited materials during the test, taking test materials out of the examination room, causing a disturbance in the examination room, and violating any other policy of Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

If an irregular testing situation is suspected, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will investigate and determine if any action is necessary to remedy the situation. If reasonable cause is discovered, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will cancel the MAT scores. The company may allow the candidate to retake the entire test depending upon the circumstances.

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