April 29, 2015

Regulations For Taking The Miller Analogies Test

•Candidates may not take any test aids into the examination room. Prohibited test aids include calculators, reference materials such as books and notes, highlighters, and rulers. Electronic devices are prohibited in the examination room. Prohibited electronic devices include, but are not limited to, pagers, cell phones, headphones, cameras, and recorders. If a candidate takes any prohibited material or device into the examination room his or her test score will be canceled.

•Neither the CTC nor Harcourt Assessment Inc. takes any responsibility for the safety of candidates’ personal possessions.

•Candidates are not permitted to make any mark in the examination booklet.

•Candidates are not permitted to take food or drink into the examination room.

•Candidates are not permitted to wear a hat with a brim or bill during the test or to take this type of headwear into the examination room. Exceptions to this policy are made for religious or health reasons. Any candidate wishing to wear this type of headwear must go through proper channels and submit an Accommodations Request Form at time of application.

•Candidates will be asked to give their Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number at the examination site. Failure to provide the CTC with this information may result in a delay in processing and reporting of scores.

•Paper-and-pencil answer booklets must be signed by the candidate. The computer-based form of the test requires the candidate to check a “signature” box.

•Candidates will be required to declare their intended major which cannot be changed after the examination has begun.

•The candidate is not permitted to ask questions after the test has started.

•Candidates are not permitted to take a rest break during the examination unless such a break has been approved as a special accommodation.

•Candidates are not permitted to leave the room during the examination unless this action has been approved as a special accommodation or in the case of a medical emergency.

•Candidates are not permitted to assist other candidates. Any candidate caught giving or receiving assistance will be asked to turn in all test materials and leave the room. The test will not be scored, and no fees will be refunded. Legal action against the involved parties may be taken.

•Candidates may not remove any testing materials from the examination room. Any candidate doing so will have his or her score canceled. Legal action may be taken against the candidate.

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