April 29, 2015

Reporting of MAT Scores

After the paper-and-pencil test has been written the answer booklet is mailed by the CTC to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. It generally takes up to two weeks for the test to reach Harcourt Assessment, Inc. This time frame may be longer at certain times of the year due to heavy mail volume. The test is then scored and processed. Results from the computer-based version of the MAT are transmitted immediately to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. and processed at once.

Test Reporting

Personal Score Reports are mailed to the candidate approximately ten to fifteen business days after the test has been received by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. does not take any responsibility for delayed or lost results. Scores are reported only by mail. Scores will not be reported by telephone or fax.

The Personal Score Report contains the candidate’s scaled score and the percentile ranks. These two score types are derived from the raw test score which is the number of correctly answered questions.

The MAT is available in a computer-based format and a paper-and-pencil format. There are different versions of tests in both these formats. Different tests may vary in difficulty. Raw scores from different tests are therefore not comparable. For this reason, Harcourt Assessment, Inc. converts raw scores to scaled scores based on a group norm. The group norm is derived from the first time scores of individuals who took the test between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2003. The scaling of the MAT scores allows the comparison of scores from different versions of the test and different formats of the test. The scaled scores range between 200 and 600. The mean score is 400. The candidate also receives percentile rankings. A percentile ranking demonstrates the number of candidates in the norm group who obtained a scaled score lower than the candidate. The percentile rank spans from 1 to 99.

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