April 29, 2015

Request For Replacement and Additional MAT Documents

Replacement Transcripts

Harcourt Assessment, Inc. will send a new copy of the Personal Score Report to the candidate at no cost if the report is not received after six week from the test date or if the report arrives damaged. Score recipients will not be listed on the replacement document.

To receive a free replacement copy of the Personal Score Report, the candidate must inform Harcourt Assessment, Inc. of the problem within eight weeks of the test date. Requests made for a replacement Personal Score Report made after eight weeks from the test date must be accompanied by a $25.00 transcript fee.

Replacement official transcripts will be sent to score recipients if they have not received the official transcript six weeks after the test date at no additional charge to the candidate. This applies only if the candidate checked the correct score recipient code or supplied the correct address at the time of the test. If the information regarding the score recipient supplied by the candidate was incorrect, the candidate will be required to request new transcripts by submitting a Transcript Request Form to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. This request must be accompanied by a $25.00 Transcript Request Fee for each transcript required.

The candidate can request that official transcripts from tests taken within the last five years be sent to additional score recipients. Scores from tests taken more than five years ago will not be released. Requests for additional transcripts can be made using the Transcript Request Form or by writing to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Requests must be made in writing.

Additional Transcripts

A letter requesting additional transcripts must contain the following information: 1) candidate’s name on the date of the test, 2) candidate’s current address, 3) candidate’s SSN or SIN, 4) name of the test taken (MAT), 5) candidate’s daytime telephone number, 6) candidate’s email address, 7) date of request, 8) addresses to which the transcripts should be sent, 9) candidate’s signature. If the candidate has changed his or her name since the date the test was taken, this should be noted.

A money order or international money order for $25.00 must be sent with the letter or Transcript Request Form. The money order must be made payable to Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

Transcripts will be sent by first class mail to the Score Recipients ten to fifteen business days after the request is received by Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

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