April 29, 2015

Sending Schools Your MAT Score

The candidate receives a Personal Score Report and is permitted to specify up to three schools, institutes, or organizations to receive official transcripts. The candidate specifies the three recipients of the official transcripts at the time the test is taken. Candidates can name only accredited institutes of higher education and approved organizations administering fellowships or scholarships as score recipients.

It is not mandatory for candidates to choose score recipients at the time the test is taken. Official transcripts may be ordered after the test by writing to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. If the score recipients are specified at the time the test is taken, the cost is included in the test fee. If the candidate decides at a later time to send official transcripts to score recipients, there is a cost of $25.00 per transcript.

To order official transcripts at the time of testing, the candidate specifies up to three score recipients by entering the school code numbers supplied by the CTC before the test starts. If this section is filled out improperly, scores may not be reported as desired. This will also result in the candidate being required to pay the extra fee to order the needed transcript at a later date. Candidates are not permitted to add, change, or delete recipient schools after the test is over.

If the candidate suspects that one or more of his or her score recipients will not be on the code list supplied by the CTC, the candidate should arrive at the test site with the complete mailing address of the score recipient. The candidate may write this mailing address in the appropriate space on the test booklet in the case of a paper-and-pencil test, or enter it into the computer in the case of a computer-based test. In case of later problems, the candidate should keep a record of the identity of the score recipients.

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