April 29, 2015

Strategies For Writing The MAT II

The candidate should not spend too much time on any one problem. As there are 120 questions on the 60 minute test, the candidate has 30 seconds to answer each question. If the candidate spends too much time puzzling over the questions, he or she will run out of time and be unable to finish the test. This will lower the candidate’s score. For this reason, if an answer does not come quickly, the candidate is advised to move on to the next question. The candidate may go back and answer the more difficult questions after completing the easier questions. Sometimes an equation that is confusing on first reading becomes clearer on the second.

The candidate’s score is a result of the number of correct answers. Wrong answers are not penalized. Therefore, all questions should be answered. If the candidate is unsure about the correct answer, he or she should eliminate all obviously incorrect options and then guess from among the remaining options.

If the candidate is writing the paper-and-pencil form of the test, he or she should take care to ensure that all answers are placed in the correct spaces in the answer booklet. If the candidate has the answer correct, but it is not entered in the corresponding space in the answer booklet, it will be marked wrong and lower the overall score. This can be a problem if the candidate skips a question and leaves a space. The test is scored electronically. The candidate should be sure to fill in the answer circles completely to ensure that the test will be scored correctly.

In the computer-based form of the test, the selected answer is displayed on the computer screen. The candidate should ensure that this is indeed his or her desired answer before moving on to the next question. The candidate may review his or her answers at the end of the test if there is sufficient time.

In the paper-and-pencil form of the test the candidate must sign the answer booklet. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the score.

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