April 29, 2015

Test Scoring

All tests are scored by Harcourt Assessment, Inc. The booklets from paper-and-pencil tests are mailed by the CTC to Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Computer-based results are transmitted immediately. Regardless of the type of test, results will be scored, processed, and reported by Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

The MAT is scored electronically. The data from the tests are then stored in a computer file. The data in this file is used to generate Personal Score Reports and official transcripts for each candidate. Personal Score Reports and official transcripts are printed from the computer file. The accuracy of scoring and reporting is ensured through the use of both computerized and manual quality control methods.

Although candidates may want to go over their tests after scoring, this is not permitted. The information contained in the Personal Score Report is the only information regarding the test that is made available to candidates. Candidates are not permitted to review their test booklets after the test or after scoring. This policy is in place for reasons of security. Candidates are not informed of the questions that they answered incorrectly. Harcourt Assessment, Inc. does not supply candidates with a breakdown of the questions answered correctly and incorrectly.

•Score Verification
•The Choice of No Score
•Reporting of Scores
•Indicating Schools to Receive Scores
•Personal Score Reports and Official Transcripts
•Cancellation of Candidate MAT Scores by Harcourt Assessment, Inc.
•Reasons for Score Cancellations I
•Reasons for Score Cancellations II
•Appeals Process for Score Cancellations
•Interpreting the Personal Score Report and MAT Scores

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