April 29, 2015

The Choice of No Score

Sometimes a candidate feels that he or she has not done well on the MAT. Sometimes during the test a candidate feels that he or she is not doing well and does not want to continue writing the examination. The candidate can choose either during the test, or immediately after the test, not to have the test score reported to the designated score recipients. To do this, the candidate simply chooses the No Score Option. In this case, the score will not be sent to the score recipients, and there will be no reportable record of the candidate having written the examination. The candidate will receive a blank Personal Score Report from Harcourt Assessment, Inc. The candidate will also be sent a Retest Admission Ticket in the event that he or she wishes to rewrite the examination at a later date. The candidate must present the Retest Admission Ticket to rewrite the test even if there was no score reported from the original test. Having chosen the No Score Option, the candidate cannot later decide to have the test scored and the scores reported. The candidates will be informed about the No Score Option at the CTC before the start of the test.

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