April 29, 2015

Types of Relationships Found in MAT Equations II

This type of relationship deals with the connection between two things or concepts. The terms involved may come from any part of speech. There are three subcategories of the association type of analogy. These are object/characteristic, order, and agent/object.


In this type of relationship, one term is a trait of the other term. An example of this type of relationship is “Tree : Bark.” The tree is covered with bark


Order relationships are connected by time or sequence. There are a number of different types of order relationships. The terms may be related, but not causal. The terms may be related by a reciprocal relationship. Finally, the terms may be different forms of a word. Examples of these relationships are as follows in order: 1) “Day: Night” – The night follows the day. 2) “Father : Son” – The father is a parent to his child such that one does not exist without existence of the other. 3) “Goose : Geese” – Geese is the plural of the noun goose.


The agent/object category includes terms concerned with the reliance of one term on the other. There are numerous types of relationships in this category including the following: 1) cause and effect, 2) creator and creation, 3) a term and the thing that makes it possible, 4) a term and its function, 5) a term and the tool it uses. Examples of these are as follows respectively: 1) “Noise : Avalanche” – noise causes an avalanche; 2) “Sculptor : Sculpture” – a sculptor creates a sculpture; 3) “Sowing : Reaping” – the crop is sowed and then is reaped; 4) “Shovel : Hole” – a shovel is used to make a hole; 5) “Carpenter : Saw” – a carpenter uses a saw to cut wood.


The MAT test may include a few equations involving mathematical or logical relationships. Mathematical relationships may involve fractions or multiples. An example of a mathematical relationship is “1 : 2” One is half of two. Logical equations may include word play. An example of this would be “Rain : Rein.” Although pronounced the same, these words have different meanings. Rain falls from the sky, and reins are used to steer a horse.

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